What is the Dubai 2040 Master Plan?

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What is the Dubai 2040 master plan

Dubai has long been a model city for the region, with its towering skyscrapers adorning its beautiful desert landscape. It is also safe to say that the quality of life offered here in unmatched, due to HH Sheikh Mohammed bin rashid al Maktoums pionering vision. HH is always looking forward to further economic and residential developments within the city, the latest being the Dubai 2040 Master plan.

Dubai has undergone various stages of development beginning back in 1960, with each new stage further expanding the city and segmenting it into various sections that serve different purposes.

For example, Bur Dubai and Deira are the cultural centres of the city, while downtown Dubai – and by extension – business bay, remain the financial hub of the city. The dubai marina and Jumeirah area provide tourists with rich experiences that keep them coming over and over again.

Many of these areas will remain the way we are used to them, however we can expect Bur Dubai and Deira to garner the lions share of development and improvement this time. The aim is to unlock and repopulate these areas with Emirati residents in locations where local families have previously lived. the Dubai 2040 plan also includes expanding further into the desert which borders Dubai on the south and east side. We see similar expansions in the similar maturing cities around the world, such as london, melbourn, and new york. Horizontal expansion is critical in the next 10 years especially, since Dubai plans to retain a large part of the 25 million people attending the EXPO 2020 event, and will require an accommodation to do so.

In a very welcome gesture, the Dubai 2040 master plan will encourage a much healthier way of living through two means: improving transportation and encouraging carbon-free transport and doubling the green and leisure areas, such as beaches. Through carefully planned infrastructure, the goal is ensure the majority of the population living in the new and improved areas have access to public transport. Additionally, careful planning means increased accessibility, which encourages alternative means of transport such as walking, cycling, and other flexible means. Increasing parks and other leisure areas will lead to more and more people spending extra time outdoors for a myriad of health benefits. Correlation does not imply causation, however we believe that these three main plans will go a long away in improving the health and wellbeing of the residents in Dubai.

All in all, Dubai will continue to be a shining example to be followed not just in the region, but worldwide. We look forward to further developments, improvements, and new master plans that will keep Dubai and its residents living and working happily and effectively.


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